Shanxi entrepreneurship for college graduates can enjoy 8 preferential

is now the state for some college students entrepreneurship is to give a lot of policy support, either from some business loans above or from some business and employment subsidies above, have given a lot of help students entrepreneurs.

for the implementation of "leading business plan" and "employment promotion plan", this year Shanxi issued a tax return, small loans, entrepreneurship training subsidies, business premises rent subsidies, employment subsidies, subsidies for the construction and business park disposable employment difficult personnel job subsidies, Small and micro businesses hiring new staff training and skill appraisal 8 subsidy policies, aimed at promoting college graduates employment and entrepreneurship.

for a government in Shanxi that entrepreneurship training for entrepreneurs is also a good thing, at the same time, will also lead the students in the school business in general, help them to set up a business goal and an entrepreneurial confidence.


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