Six do you venture through the dead

many people will start to fail in the end, these people often sigh, feeling the social injustice, feeling the opportunity is not good, but the failure of entrepreneurship is indeed although there are many factors, but also is often the largest part of the founders, the following Xiaobian introduce some entrepreneurs dead the loser, can see if you into!

six business: where one of the dead where busy running.

six dead two: "business acquaintances good dinner.

six entrepreneurial dead three: Tandaqiuquan die quickly.

six dead four Entrepreneurs: you work I do not worry.

As the boss of the

six entrepreneurial dead five: run quickly and save material.

"how fast is good, it is ideal to almost no rational argument. You want the horse to run, but not let it graze; seems to linger in the hearts of the majority owner of subordinates look beautiful. In Chinese, we can honesty paid another, no salary would like to recruit good little chance. If you think such a large enterprise to play their own turn, looking for a few helpers, please design a good incentive mechanism.

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