Shenzhen fruit joined in support of what time

said to drink shops investment choose the brand, small or highly recommended fruit drinks time to join the brand, not just because of the food and beverage market needs such a beverage shop, more is because the fruit time know what consumers need, investors need to know what kind of support after the shield, because to understand, so better.

fruit time brand in providing excellent business opportunities for entrepreneurs at the same time, to provide a series of operational support headquarters will be for you, for the road of entrepreneurship escort you. At the same time to provide you with brand promotion, promotion, let you feel the efficiency of the brand. Fresh fruit drinks brand investment time, let you easily start, success in life.

Shenzhen time fruit joined in support of what?

1, fresh time brand marketing plan

fruit time to invest 20 million yuan for the brand, brand promotion, the company will be in the country, the establishment of five business development center, providing assistance and services more efficient for partners.

2, join stores to support

(1) to enjoy the use of trademarks, business model, technology secret, goodwill and other rights; (2) the characteristics of the product and enjoy the headquarters of research and development of new sales rights; (3) headquarters to provide decoration design templates, store design, image ready-made, can make the enterprise to join the quick start; (4) to obtain a complete shop headquarters before, during and after a set of comprehensive service system; (5) enjoy the exclusive protection of each administrative region management advantage.

a. network promotion

new media era, so that the traditional food and beverage industry has been a major impact. Shenzhen fruit drinks time using the latest micro marketing headquarters "" mobile internet marketing strategy, combining online and offline, achieve synchronization to enhance consumption.

b. event planning

fruit time efforts not on cost, keep the original quality, but the way ahead in terms of sales. Franchisees do not have to worry about the management of fresh time provides a series of early opening and late, planning activities and professional advice for you, to maximize the interests of franchisees.

Shenzhen fruit time headquarter provides support and a series of services for the franchisee, franchisee shop launched a perfect dream Road, realize the entrepreneurial dream, quickly become a winner in life. If you want to know more, you can leave a message at the bottom of the site, our staff will be the first time for you to answer!

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