How to seek the development path of o2o company

now people have a certain economic conditions to pursue a better wedding, wedding companies in this era of rapid development. Many wedding companies also hope to catch up with the o2o wave, more market space for development, let us take a look at what measures can be used!

A, strengthen the internal management of


at present, there are many wedding enterprise management software market, the use of such software, can greatly improve the internal management level of the wedding company. For example, some management software can provide include: data reception, picture and video display, order management and not signing tracking, dispatching orders management and tracking, membership management, budget management, inventory management, wedding anniversary to remind and return records, customer surveys, statistical analysis, basic information settings, system settings and other functions. To realize the control of the perfect wedding service process, save time and cost, improve customer satisfaction.

On the one hand,

two, the establishment of external marketing system:

the external marketing system mainly refers to the construction of the network platform of wedding companies and foreign propaganda means, after we put the internal management order, then we need to through our external marketing system to create more business opportunities for us to find our potential customers, the formation of signing.

Construction of

1. network platform

The construction of network platform:

2. network promotion techniques

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