How much does it cost to open a mobile phone shop

Although the idea of starting a shop

is good, but want to achieve such an idea, naturally still need to prepare adequate venture capital. So, how much does it cost to open a mobile phone shop? Let Xiaobian bring you together to analyze.

is now a lot of young entrepreneurs have the intention to open a mobile phone shop, because now young people are playing with the phone, but also know that the mobile phone industry is more profitable, fun and make money, which is now the idea of young people. Fun to play, to make money to make money, want to open a shop, you have to invest, then how much money to open a mobile phone shop?

is the first rent, in general, to open a cell phone store does not need much store, 30 square meters are fully enough, so the rent will not be too much, generally not more than a year of 50 thousand.

is the second mobile phone shop decoration, decoration is best to highlight the sense of science and technology, the need to pay attention, but does not need too much waste, generally 20 thousand can be installed.

then is the purchase, before the mobile phone shop stock investment is relatively large, but now as a result of the mobile phone industry wholesale are more, so we don’t need too much of the mobile phone, the mobile phone into the common market, a few good, business is good, can always go to the wholesale goods, they do not hoard goods so, you ready to purchase enough 50 thousand.

and open mobile phone shop, accessories can prepare more, but also do not need too much, parts of the purchase price is relatively cheap, the total cost of ten thousand.

all of the above expenses plus utilities and maintenance experience to mobile phone learning training base fee to open a mobile phone shop, only 150 thousand can be.

in the current business environment, if you want to open an entity shop, this cost is actually very cheap. Therefore, if you are now ready to venture capital, may wish to open a mobile phone shop, I believe in the hot market, so you can make a fortune.

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