Prepared by FFWPU Peru We held a 7day Divine Prin

first_imgPrepared by FFWPU PeruWe held a 7-day Divine Principle seminar from July 24, 2017, with participation of 21 guests of all ages. Our national leader Mr. Alberto Florido and national messiahs’ wife, Mrs. Faith Jones were leading the education program.Most of the participants are relatives of the members, who were witnessed by making 1 to 1, and Home Group activities. Members are trying to fulfill their Celestial Tribal Messiah missions.Through the lectures and guidance of the elder members many of them had very deep experiences. Some could realize how to improve their married lives and how to overcome their problems through the principal.All the participants determined to continue to study and practice living according to True Parents words so that they could truly inherit the spirit of age of Cheon Il Guk.Our desire is to educate at least 120 people through the 7-day seminars during this yearAfter this seminar, we will continue to educate with tradition, internal guides and especially prepare them to receive the Blessing.last_img

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