Teacher’s day send a greeting to the teacher

September 10th, is also a teacher’s day.

everyone has their own teachers, school teachers, teachers in life. No matter what kind of teachers, in this beautiful day, we should send flowers and applause.

a person, from the beginning of school, teachers have to accompany, after more than ten years, a teacher Wenhanwennuan and selfless dedication. In this special day, even if separated by the end of the world, we should send a greeting for their teachers. Of course, if the teacher is around, it is best to send a flower.

some people say that teachers teach us that it is his responsibility, we grow up, have their own goals and life, and teachers, we do not need so many greetings. However, we must not forget that our knowledge, our lives are selfless dedication of teachers.

has reported that some students give their teachers greeting cards, the individual teacher after a glance into the trash can. This must not be, that is a love of students, not what rubbish? Perhaps, just a simple and simple greeting cards, but it carries the feelings are not the same. When a few years later, you come up with these cards again, think about their own feelings!

is a fine tradition of respecting Chinese, as early as eleventh Century BC in the Western Zhou Dynasty, he proposed disciples things division, with respect to the father, the ancient great educator Confucius’s "education for all", "past", "learning proficiency for Officialdom" and a series of wise quotes. The teacher is teaching, Chinese as the engineer of the human soul.

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data show that as early as 1932, the government of the Republic of China had set June 6th as the teacher’s day, after the liberation of the abolition of the teacher’s day on June 6th, with "International Workers’Day" for the teacher’s day, teacher’s day but no separate activities, no characteristics. The teacher’s day in September 10th is to take into account the country’s large, medium and primary school new school year, the school should have a new weather. That is the beginning of new students, respect for teachers, can create a good atmosphere for "teachers teach and students learn". In September 10, 1985, it was the first teacher’s day in China. From then on, the teachers had their own festivals.

September 9th, is a state visit to Uzbekistan, the CPC Central Committee General Secretary, state president and CMC Chairman Xi Jinping to the nation’s teachers condolences letter. He said, "when the twenty-ninth teacher’s day comes, I’m on a state visit to Uzbekistan. First of all, on behalf of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council, I would like to extend my sincere greetings and high respect to the 14 million teachers from all over the country! I wish you a happy holiday!"

teacher’s day, to his teacher sent a greeting, a flower, it is the best blessing. At the same time, let us work together to fight on the front line of education, the teacher said: you have worked hard! (author: Liu Zhiqiang)

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