Xining start tourism market mutual investigation and correction

in order to further standardize the order of the tourism market, in July 16th, led by the Provincial Tourism Bureau, the mutual rectifying action officially started mutual check of the Municipal Tourism Bureau, Hainan Tourism Bureau, four district three County Tourism Bureau jointly carried out successively in Huangyuan County, mountain scenic area, scenic Daotanghe, Jinyintan area, Qinghai Lake scenic Jiro sword etc. that was the cross law enforcement inspection.

it is understood that this action is an attempt in our province tourism market order norms spring tide, is divided into 3 steps of self-examination, inspection, supervision, covering travel agencies, tour guides, online business, contract signing, advertising etc.. The operation of more than and 150 tourist vehicles, the tour guide to check the 98. Hebei, the tour guide license invalid seized 3 copies, and 13 vehicles operating procedures incomplete tourist vehicles, 5 are not required to wear a tour card guide for punishment. City Tourism Bureau relevant responsible person said that the action is the basis of the special rectification activities in the tourism market, the tourism market of common concern in the new situation and problems need to be solved, crack, governance tourism market problems. In the future, the provincial tourism sector will also be launched regularly joint law enforcement, regulate the tourism market order, escort for the development of tourism.


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