Wang Yubo proposed to increase the support of Xining shantytowns

National People’s Congress, Wang Yubo, mayor of Xining in the twelve session of the National People’s Congress, the central government to increase efforts to support the transformation of shanty towns in Xining.

Wang Yubo said that in recent years, according to the state of accelerate the construction of city rebuilding and low-income housing and a series of policy requirements, Xining City, the city low, dilapidated old houses contiguous year by year transformation, a total transformation area of 14 million 470 thousand square meters, a total of 143 thousand households, 450 thousand people, of which about the transformation of villages 6 million square meters, involving 23 thousand households, 115 thousand people. Through the comprehensive renovation of the old district, shantytowns and low-cost housing construction combined with a total of 37666 sets of shantytowns, about 2 million 259 thousand and 900 square meters, benefiting the people of the 110 thousand and 700. But due to the actual situation of many historical debts, at present, Xining city is still 654 of the old city shantytowns in urgent need of transformation, a total area of 4 million 500 thousand square meters transformation. At the same time, there are 5 villages in the area need to focus on the demolition, a total construction area of about 2 million 800 thousand square meters, involving 10 thousand and 800 households, 54 thousand people. The total housing a total of 7 million 300 thousand square meters.

Wang Yubo analysis, in recent years, the state and the province to increase the shantytowns policy and financial support, the transformation accelerated, but because of Xining’s financial strength is weak, capital bottleneck has restricted the shantytowns of Xining city to promote. First, the urban shantytowns subsidy funds less; two is the demolition of the new shantytowns District infrastructure supporting the construction of the difficulty.

Wang Yubo, a full account of the actual situation of the country is the western underdeveloped area, the appropriate standard subsidies for city shantytowns; the two is to increase transfer payments to Xining area shantytowns supporting infrastructure funds. (author: Wang Xiaofang)


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