Qinghai business reflects the Korean wave 2013 Korea import Association Qinghai Sourcing Fair held i

by the Department of Commerce to the national Ministry of Commerce repeatedly reported for the end of 2013, South Korea imported Industry Association of Qinghai Sourcing Fair held in Xining, such as opening, foreign expansion of our province trade, consumption adds a touch of bright winter. In December 4th, for the South Korean special trade joint held for the first time in our province this negotiation activities attracted the province more than 80 import and export enterprises, they and 18 of the youth of South Korean companies to negotiate docking, and achieved good results.

"South Korea trade in China Sourcing Fair" is jointly organized by the Ministry of Commerce and the Korean Ministry of commerce industry, large trade association and hosted South Korean imports of domestic provinces and autonomous regions in the administrative department of Commerce to promote activities aimed at further active trade between China and South Korea, economic cooperation and trade promotion activities held with South Korea development area. It is understood that in 2013 1 to October, the volume of trade in our province and South Korea was $49 million 280 thousand, accounting for 4.4% of the province’s total import and export trade, mainly in ferrosilicon, silicon metal, chromium oxide and some clothing, bags, carpets and other exports to South Korea, from South Korea imported goods are mainly textiles and micro biological culture etc.. The youth of South Korea purchasing enterprises mainly engaged in agricultural products, machinery and equipment, mineral products, iron and steel castings, chemical materials, food raw materials, electronic components, industrial sensors and ethnic crafts, craft gifts and other products import business.


will discuss the procurement period of three days, it is understood that the Korean entrepreneurs will be interested in tracking business negotiations, is expected to reach the intention of cooperation agreement in machine tools, cattle and sheep meat processing, food, Tibetan medicine, electronic products, aluminum ingot etc.. At the same time, the enterprises of the two sides also imported Korean goods, the exchange of enterprises to participate in other exhibitions, opened tourist routes South Korea made specific docking.


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