Three museum construction project is expected to be completed during the year

is located on the south side of the square of Xinning Province three museum construction project was fully restored in March 15th, is expected to basically completed during the year.

Qinghai Province Cultural Huimin project — Library (two), art gallery and museum culture three hall construction project since the beginning of construction will be of broad interest, "three Hall" construction project is the provincial government in the implementation of the "12th Five-Year" during the provincial key cultural infrastructure projects. The project is located in the provincial capital of Xining city on the south side of the square, the preservation and renovation of the Provincial Library of the first phase of construction, the new provincial library two, the provincial cultural center, the Provincial Museum of art. To form a continuous culture building group in Xinning south side of the square, to enhance the surrounding building space sunning Plaza layout, build the platform of provincial public culture, meet the people’s spiritual and cultural needs.

Provincial Department of housing and urban construction to take a variety of effective measures, inverted schedule, increase manpower and physical input, and strive to complete the end of the year before and after the renovation project. The library (two) will reach movements exhibit conditions, cultural centers, art museum completed decoration and main equipment procurement and installation work.


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