Rock climbing World Championships to attract a large number of people in Xining to watch the game

over the past few days, climbing World Championships attracted many people to Xining, Xining South Gate Stadium to watch the game.

International Federation of climbing high Secretary General Lin of Qinghai Lancer audience evaluation, especially deep, to speed the audience to cheer Chinese impression he said, it seems that Qinghai audiences have been fascinated by the rock climbing.

(out of the recording) difficulty and Rock race is very popular in Europe and America, the speed of the game is also a huge momentum. Also in China, because the sport is very novel, more attractive . (recording only)

less than the beginning of the game every day, the audience was full of enthusiastic expectations of the audience, and some viewers as a result of watching the rock climbing competition for several years, has been able to see some of the doorways from the game. From the first World Cup held in Xining in 2006, he began to watch the game every year, for him, watching the rock climbing competition is not just a lively.

(a recording speed) Seth, women or men or women especially before three are to Chinese to pack, sebbe speed is the speed. It’s very difficult, it’s probably a little bit of skill, it’s a lot of experience, it’s an arm. All in all, good, I come to every day. (recording only)

China team Li Chunhua has been repeatedly to Xining to participate in the competition in this field, last year she created the women’s 15 meter race 10 seconds 58 world record, she said, Qinghai’s audience is very civilized, very enthusiastic, to Qinghai she’s no stranger to the slightest sense of competition.

(recording) Qinghai is very kind to me, I have three games, this is one of the largest game, come here to feel like home. ( recording only)


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