February 9th 000 to 24 on the following 7 buses in the year of to waive tolls

at 0:00 on February 9th to February 15th 24, the Provincial Executive Council on 7 or less (including 7) of small passenger car toll free, open the road to the vehicle through the Toll Station Lane time, the vehicle left the highway to the toll lane exit time. Unlike the last National Day holiday is the Spring Festival holiday this year, the Provincial Executive Council in the closed road network toll stations to set free lanes, the implementation is not issuing lift lever release mode, the vehicle not to grant access card.

reporter yesterday from the Provincial Bureau executives learned to do during the Spring Festival in 2013 mini bus toll free work, based in the Provincial Executive Council concluded on 2012 during the National Day holiday mini bus toll free work, formulated the "high grade highway in Qinghai province major holidays toll free minibus implementation plan (Revised)", will be free pass to work out the details of the responsibility to the people. In order to achieve a smooth transition between free time and charging time, in February 8, 2013 22 points to 24 points and 22 points to 24 points in February 15, 2013 two period, the Provincial Bureau executives networking toll station entrance will be opposite 7 the following (including 7) small bus ticket issuing paper, in the meantime, pay fee "entrance vehicles will be brought coupons, coupon holders pay coupons, coupons, export pass fee". At the exit toll station coupons, if you have not yet entered or beyond the free time, according to the ticket information is normal toll collection; if it is free time, free release. (author: Ni Xiaoying)

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