Huangyuan County cold meat sales access system effectiveness

in order to ensure the quality and safety of listed meat, from July 2012 onwards, Huangyuan banned meat shops and cold meat sales households transferred to other places of cold meat. Relevant departments to organize cold meat wholesalers and some meat shop operators to learn, promote the spirit of the relevant documents, and issued on the cessation of cold meat sales notice. The law enforcement departments continue to intensify supervision and inspection and punishment according to the provisions of the executive and the continued cold meat sales carnivorous shop 3 day, regularly carry out a dragnet inspection 4 times, strictly eliminate the other towns of cold meat for sale.

at present, Huangyuan County shop sales carnivorous pig carcass meat is mainly Huangyuan County Shengda DOPA limited liability company and Huangzhong county is what pig slaughtering plus pig slaughterhouse fresh meat. Under strict supervision, the healthy operation of the county’s meat market, the masses to eat a better quality, more secure fresh meat, the implementation of the cold meat access system generally agreed.











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