163 librarians are trained in our province

Investment of about 1000000 yuan, which lasted 8 months, has held the province’s library system librarian six period in Suzhou for brains, turn the concept of "training project in Suzhou library recently ended, I 163 to participate in the training of librarians.

the training is one of the "Three District personnel training plan activities, specific actions of cadres work efficiency and enhance the quality of public cultural construction in our province and an important measure, is the province’s cultural work in the large-scale training for the first time in the history of the province of professional personnel of the library system. The training content and the form are diverse, both the theory teaching, the field investigation, but also has the experience forum, the training experience sharing meeting and so on. Through the training, to promote the province’s Librarians at all levels of skills will play an important role, but also for the provincial library opened the new library has laid a good foundation of thought and quality.

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