Eight departments heavy regulation two markets

The two coming, in order to maintain the market economic order, to create a standardized and orderly market environment, change, public security, safety supervision, industry and commerce, province, province provincial environmental protection and other eight departments jointly issued the Provincial Department of Commerce, which regulate market order group, from December 20th to February 17, 2014 in the province wide heavy regulation of the market environment, clean up the market atmosphere. It is understood, according to the personal characteristics and rules of slaughtering behavior, the provincial commerce department will focus on examination of the regional urban high, Sizai village and meat dish processing is relatively concentrated, severely crack down situlanzai, fraudulent use or use of forged certificates or signs of slaughtering behavior, investigation of illegal workers will be included in the "blacklist". Focus on investigating the behavior of livestock or other substances injected into the water, once found to slaughter livestock or other water injection into the slaughterhouse, will be ordered to suspend business for rectification. The business sector will prosecute the alleged "special", "for" commodity producers and operators, punish illegal behavior, strengthen guidance and management of the liquor business industry management order. Development and reform department will regulate the price behavior, investigate and deal with all kinds of illegal price and price monopoly. The tax authorities will carry out tax checks on retailers suspected of tax violations, and shall be dealt with according to law. In addition, industry and commerce, public security departments will be combined with commodity manufacturing, distribution of goods and selling counterfeit and shoddy goods in cases as the focus of remediation areas, in books, audio, software, mobile phone, and exports of auto parts, such as a key and drug products, prevent on IPR infringement and fake and shoddy goods into the city.  

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