Gudetama Is Even Lazy When Made Into Springtime Desserts

first_img Are you a Gudetama fan? Do you even know what Gudetama is? He’s a Sanrio character that originally came out in 2013, and he’s actually an egg. He’s super lazy, hard to get motivated, and is always negative. He thinks someday he’ll be eaten, and seems desperate to be. That’s pretty weird, but he’s pretty cute. One thing’s for certain: He’s definitely about to get eaten, especially at the Gudetama x Dessert Oukoku Collab Cafe.This probably doesn’t come as a surprise to you, since there are so many different cafes and collaborations out there with different anime characters and whatnot. There’s a special springtime dessert menu at Yokohama’s Queen Isetan, where the Gudetama x Dessert Oukoku Collab Cafe is running right now. There’s a pretty wide selection of different desserts to fit lots of different tastes, including Gudetama angel cake, parfaits, and puddings with fruity flavors and more tastings to keep you coming back for more. I just ate a steak, and I’m ready for this sumptuous offering.If you don’t like desserts or you’ve come to eat a bunch of savory for instead, you can opt for the 40 different dishes available on the buffet. They include pasta, salads, and more with fruits in season like melon, oranges, ruby grapefruit, and strawberries. You can pay 1990 yen for adults and 1940 yen for younger children. This lets you stay 70 minutes for lunch and 90 minutes for dinner.You’ll want to go in with a vendetta like you want to eat everything Gudetama-related in that buffet because you have a time limit and you’ll have to be pretty strategic about inhaling everything in your presence. Maybe that’s just my own weirdness. If you’re interested in heading to the buffet and seeing what’s on offer, make sure you’re in town to try out the special Gudetama collaboration before it goes away!Photos via Stay on target Read A ‘Gude’ Book With Gudetama’s ‘Eggistential Thoughts’ Book last_img

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