Held in Huangyuan martyrs memorial activities

Deeply cherish the memory of revolutionary martyrs, to further promote the spirit of martyrs, inherit and carry forward the revolutionary tradition, enhance the broad masses of the people, love the party, love the socialist patriotic emotion, in September 30th 10, Huangyuan county held the first "Memorial Day" memorial activities. The county’s leading cadres at the county level, above the level of cadres, garrison (police) officers and soldiers on behalf of the public security police officers, health care representatives and representatives of primary and secondary school students and other more than and 300 people to participate in the event. The activities of the day, when the music sounded, the hat, to the martyrs 3 minutes of silence. Then two Eli soldiers hold up wreath slowly towards the Martyrs Monument, and wreath laying to the monument, the county people’s Congress, the county government and county CPPCC leadership arrangement elegiac couplet to participate in the ceremony, soldiers, cadres and workers and students in order to pay tribute to the martyrs monument. After the event, the county four team leaders were led into the sun, peace, temple village, Shen, Chengguan Township, Dahua condolences to families of martyrs 12 households, each household sent condolence payments 1000 yuan, and expressed deep concern for the memory of the martyrs and survivors of martyrs.  

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