Smartphones to ship with 3GB RAM next year thanks to Samsung

first_imgSamsung has opened the way for high end smartphones to continue getting thinner while including even more RAM. Today the South Korean company announced mass production has begun of the highest density LPDDR3 mobile DRAM available to date.Take a phone like the Galaxy S4 and you’ll find 2GB of LPDDR3 RAM inside. However, Samsung is now shipping 3GB LPDDR3 modules, meaning the next generation of high end smartphones will most likely take advantage of that extra gigabyte of memory.The new DRAM consists of six 20nm 4Gb chips stacked in two sets of three chips. The end result is a chip package that’s only 0.8mm high. As well as being small, the memory is no slouch in the performance department, either. Samsung claims data transfer speeds of up to 2,133Mbps. This is achieved by linking the memory to a processor via two symmetrical data transfer channels, each connected to 1.5GB of memory.We can expect to see the new six chip 3GB modules in smartphones next year, but Samsung isn’t finished yet. Work is already underway to develop a version that uses four 6Gb chips instead, which the company says will enhance performance of the memory even further.In both cases, taking advantage of this new RAM will allow smartphones to continue getting thinner or instead include larger batteries. At the same time, more/faster memory in a phone should lead to better multitasking, video playback, and improve the performance of memory intensive apps.It’s not just smartphones that could benefit from this new RAM, though. Tablets with 3GB or even 6GB of RAM on-board should also start appearing next year.last_img

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