Nintendo region locks the Wii U

first_imgIt’s not a huge surprise that Nintendo’s latest console is region locked, after all, the Wii and most versions of the DS and 3DS were also region locked, but fans will be disappointed that they are limited to only the games Nintendo chooses to release in their region.The news comes after a translated quote from Famitsu was tweeted by Cheesemeister3k, stating that what gamers can play will indeed be restricted by a region lock and Nintendo UK have since confirmed this news as true. This means Wii U owners can’t import games from another region without also investing in a Wii U from that region, too. No reason has been given as to why Nintendo region lock their consoles, but it will certainly irritate some gamers, and in particular early adopters.It’s not just Nintendo that region locks though, Xbox 360’s are also region restricted whereas the PlayStation 3 Best Price at Amazon and PS Vita are not. Gamers can play Japanese games on their North American PS3 if they so wish and vice versa (as long as a publisher hasn’t chosen to region lock the disc independent of the machine).It’s an attractive feature to have, especially for traveling gamers or simply because some games don’t see a release in certain regions. A lot of Japanese games never make it to the west, for example, usually due to a lack of translation budget or limited sales potential.Region locking will have limited impact on sales of the Wii U, but does mean there will be a market for importing Japanese versions of the console if a growing number of games remain locked to Nintendo’s home territory or see months of delay before reaching western markets.via IGN, Eurogamerlast_img

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