Completion of the province’s first single ecological compensation for carbon trading

Ecological province, green will advance. Vigorously develop the green economy, improve the degree of green economic growth, the province should make a big fuss in the green first. November 5th, Sanjiang source, Qinghai Lake pastoral household solar carbon rights development and carbon trading held in our province, which is China’s first western ecological compensation carbon trading project.

ecological protection first, fundamental advantage is to play the ecological status, play Qinghai green development characteristic brand. It is understood that the ecological compensation carbon trading project starting from the climate change perspective in Sanjiang source and Qinghai Lake area were selected three pilot community, the development of more than 600 households of herdsmen household solar equipment carbon emission reduction. The main use of a fair and open trading platform, the carbon dioxide emission reduction target listing sales and carbon trading proceeds to ecological compensation to return the community, by way of ecological compensation to encourage farmers to give priority to the use of clean energy. This project is the first single voluntary carbon emission reduction projects; ecological compensation is the first single carbon trading project in Sanjiang source area; the western region for the first time using carbon trading to achieve sustainable financing climate; at the same time as the source of Sanjiang and Sanjiang and have similar biological characteristics of the source of ecological civilization construction provides a reference area.

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