Take you into the future center square

This is a unique design concept, the square on the building, the landscape of the ups and downs of space and natural environment, with the greatest degree of mutual opposition to the distant mountains! This is an unprecedented visual experience, through the patio, people can enjoy the scenery on the ground floor two…… With the comprehensive development of Nanchuan City Planning Bureau, the project management committee staff introduction, the center of the future expansion of the North Plaza project area of the square to show in front of reporters, looking forward to feeling arise spontaneously.

in October last year, the city classic in the history of city construction, the central square of the North expansion project officially started the foundation. People look forward to, after the completion of the Central Plaza will show what kind of face? What are the great changes? Today let this take you into the future at center square.The

– the famous firm surgeon

– scheme by expertsThe

now, our city is trying to build livable industry, should visit the life of the city, happy city, construction square area more highlight the "people-oriented", so in its planning, staff excellence, several drafts. In the square area planning and design process, I fully consider the important significance of the project, learn a wide range of public opinion, especially the construction of the content, use of line of sight corridor, space scale, environmental capacity planning techniques into multiple considerations, determined in the square area construction planning Exhibition Hall Museum, namely the provinces and youth activity center. The United States invited the United States P.S.C. architectural design firm for nearly 3 months of architectural design, the current program has been through the province and outside experts and audit.

stereo xiachenshiguangchang:

– lead into the natural beauty of city hinterland

– on the ground floor are visible scenery

[subject] museum building scheme with two "water space" as the theme, the city’s natural beauty from the surrounding city into the remote hinterland. The hydrophilic building will be implemented and built, embedded in the shore slope soil, a tailored, like after years, sand deposition, formation of Nanchuan river all blend into one harmonious whole, unique natural landscape of the city.

[space mode] square area construction plan Xiachenshiguangchang, this is the first time in our city, broke;

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