Blasts at hazardous materials warehouse

At least 17 people are dead and some 400 people are injured after a massive explosion in China today. The blast shook the Chinese city at night, lighting up the sky.It was so huge it caused a quake that could be felt as far as 10 km away.The explosion happened in the northern city of Tianjin at a warehouse with dangerous materials inside. The explosion shattered windows and knocked doors off buildings in that area. Witnesses say the explosion was a huge mushroom cloud ballooning in the sky.Hundreds of firefighters had to respond to the massive fireball and search for residents injured by the huge explosion in northeastern China.Pictures on twitter show victims covered in blood. Dozens of victims are filling up hospitals with severe burns to their body.Police say the initial blast happened in shipping containers at a warehouse owned by a logistics company. The national earthquake bureau says one of the blasts before midnight China time was equivalent to 3 tons of explosives and the second blast equivalent to 21 tons of explosives. Or in terms of magnitude, one registered as 2.3 on the richter scale, the other 2.9. It triggered secondary explosions at nearby businesses.It’s still unknown what caused the dramatic fire or even whether it was accidental or intentional. Reports suggest the fire is under control but still burning. There are several people missing. The Tianjin police say it’s unknown how many people are trapped inside the wreckage and the death toll is expected to rise.

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