Old Peace River Haven Seniors facility deemed total loss in fire

first_imgSome residents believed that the old Seniors facility might be used for local fire practice, but Legget says that was not the case, but instead, another nearby building was selected to be used for that purpose.“The practice burn was set to be conducted on the Hillcrest Motel property, they’re actually pretty close to each other. We had a couple of calls from members of the public inquiry about that, but, no, completely separate properties.”The Peace River Haven Seniors Facility closed in 2012 and was put up for sale by Northern Health and was sold.  Over the years several groups have tried to buy the facility with one proposing to open a drug and alcohol treatment centre.  Those proposals never moved forward, and the facility has been left vacant since 2012. POUCE COUPE, B.C. – The Pouce Coupe Fire Department and the Dawson Creek Fire Department responded to a fire at the old Peace River Haven Seniors facility in Pouce Coupe late Wednesday night.Pouce Coupe CAO, Chris Leggett, says fire crews are still on the scene in an effort to extinguish the remainder of the flames. He also says that the Fire Chief will start an investigation into the cause of the fire, adding that the building is a total loss.“They’re still there putting it out. I spoke with the Chief this morning and he is going to start doing the fire investigation as soon as the flames are extinguished and hoping that it might be as early as tomorrow or the day after. It’s a total loss of the building.”last_img

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