The Eighth China brand media summit held in Guizhou Qinghai daily won the party newspaper brand top

November 21st -24, the Eighth China brand media forum held in Guizhou, Tongren, from the media industry and industry leaders, experts and scholars more than 187 people, the brand media attended the forum 260. At the same time, the experts nominated by the media promotion, the forum organizing committee review, selected the "2014-2015 Chinese brand media 100, the Liberation Daily, Beijing daily, Nanfang Daily, Qinghai daily and other 10 party won the" top 10 brand".

it is reported that since 2006, Chinese brand media forum has been successfully held seven sessions, the forum is the only domestic newspapers, radio, television, aggregation, network advertising, new media and other mainstream media brand, brand expert and elite brands, to explore, research, communication, coordination and authoritative professional platform.  

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