Provident fund extraction procedures to simplify the payment of rent

deposit housing provident fund for many years, used to buy a house, the amount is not enough; extracted for payment of rent, cumbersome procedures. Had to watch a small savings lying in the bank, which makes many people very upset. So, how should the provident fund for the payment of rent? In July 24th, reporters learned that in our province this year in the "notice" to further improve the efficiency of the use of housing provident fund and the recently issued "on the implementation of opinions" to promote stable and healthy development of the real estate market clearly stipulates that the fund can not only be used to pay the rent extraction, and the extraction procedure is greatly simplified. It is reported that the province
, published on the fund and promote the development of the real estate market in the new deal, for the protection of workers housing provident fund deposit, especially can not afford to buy housing of low-income workers paid the legitimate rights and interests, the extraction mechanism to improve the housing provident fund system, improve the effectiveness and fairness, and promote the development of housing rental market relax, pay the rent from the housing accumulation fund conditions. Specific provisions are: workers paid housing provident fund in full for 3 months, I and his spouse in the city without their own housing and rental housing, the housing fund can be extracted from both sides to pay rent. Rental commodity housing, the housing provident fund will be extracted from the housing property rights of the staff; rental public rental housing provident fund will be transferred directly to the public rental housing operations management.


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