The province’s public security law enforcement case information system

10 2, the reporter learned from the provincial public security department, recently, the Provincial Public Security Bureau held a teleconference, the province’s public security organs to implement the law enforcement information system opening ceremony.

According to

reports, law enforcement information system through online handling, both the public security organs to adapt to the development trend of information technology, implementation of the "Internet plus" development strategy, an important measure to improve the law enforcement and case handling technology, the level of modernization, it is to prevent the long-term existence of the arbitrary law enforcement, law enforcement is not standardized, not fine, not standard, and even law enforcement an important starting point for crime, illegal procedure, violations of human rights and other law enforcement problems.

it is understood that the law enforcement information system for smooth opening, new law enforcement model to promote the province’s public security organs of law enforcement information online entry, law enforcement process of online management, online supervision, law enforcement activities of law enforcement quality examination, will play an important role to protect. The Provincial Public Security Bureau asked the public security organs at all levels will be included in the annual construction system of key work to deploy and promote; extensive learning, improve top-level design; optimize the comparison, grasp all the details; all departments work together to ensure the handling system opened on time synchronization; the organization of training, make full preparations for the implementation of online handling. At the same time, in the transition phase of the system operation, we should optimize the function of the system of handling the case, and do a good job of service security, to ensure the full realization of the online settlement of the case.


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