The first press conference of Xining urban development investment fair 2012

ladies and gentlemen, dear friends of the press:

good morning everyone!

I am very pleased to have the opportunity to meet and exchange with your friends in the press. First of all, please allow me, on behalf of the Xining Municipal People’s government and the Xining Municipal Development and Investment Fair Organizing Committee and executive committee to attend today’s press conference to express my warm welcome to all friends! Thank you for your concern and support for Xining’s urban construction and economic and social development for a long time! Now, I would like to briefly introduce the basic situation of Xining and the "Xining urban development and Investment Fair".

, a Xining City

in Xining city as the capital of Qinghai, enjoy the "China xiadou" reputation. The city’s resident population of 2 million 208 thousand people, of which the urban population of 1 million 352 thousand and 800 people, the rural population of 852 thousand and 200 people, the urbanization rate reached 63%. Xining is the Loess Plateau and Qinghai Tibet Plateau, agriculture and animal husbandry area, the combination of Han culture and Tibetan culture, is the only one of the Qinghai Tibet plateau population of more than one million central cities. Xining is a country with 2100 years of history of ancient plateau, is the ancient "Silk Road" and "road Tang Fan road" must pass through, since ancient times is the northwest transportation hub and a military town, known as "sea throat" is called. Qinghai Tibet railway opened to traffic so that Xining has become the hub of the Qinghai Tibet railway. With the implementation of the next second double Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway project, Xining traffic hub location will emerge.

in recent years, focusing on building Xining into the eastern part of Qinghai city center city group of the objectives and requirements, the municipal government to determine the idea of the construction of city prosperity depends on industry, by construction, beautiful livable by management ", the implementation of a number of key industrial projects, completed a new round of urban construction and land use planning the revision, unremittingly to increase urban and rural construction investment, Xining city space significantly expanded economic society has achieved rapid development, economic indicators, total investment in fixed assets, fiscal revenue has maintained two digit growth, the hitherto unknown change in urban and rural areas, has won the title of excellent tourism city, national circular China Lin City, national sanitary city etc..

Xining has a higher priority in the province. Population accounts for about 40% of the province, the province’s GDP accounted for about 44% of the total investment in fixed assets accounted for the province’s total budget revenue accounted for about 33% of the province, the total retail sales of social consumer goods accounted for the province’s total of 67% of the province’s total retail sales accounted for about 38% of the province’s total retail sales. Future developments in Xining;

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