Xining city this year the total tourism income of 620 million yuan

this year, the city of Xining tourism development momentum is good, reception of domestic and foreign tourists 958 thousand passengers, an increase of 13%, total tourism income of $620 million, an increase of 25%.

this year, in order to increase investment in the tourism industry, and promote the healthy growth of tourism, tourism projects to strengthen the north of the city steadily. Until now, earth biological park view, Beishan Tibetan Medicine Museum two key tourism project development pace steadily, the region now has 3 National A-level scenic area (4A grade 1, 3A grade 3, the park is actively create a national 5A level scenic spots), township farming culture ecological park has fun by the Ministry of agriculture, the National Tourism Administration as a national five star leisure agriculture and rural tourism park.

at the same time, the region to promote the orderly development of rural leisure tourism, create business opportunities by creating large Baoziwan Area Ecological Sightseeing Leisure Agriculture Tourism Park, the rural tourism resources development and agricultural cultivation of characteristic industry combined with the development of ecological characteristics of tourism industry chain, to build a new set of ecological tourism, leisure tours, fruit crop Nongle experience as one of the tourist brand.

in addition, increase tourism promotion, fully prepared to work through the winter tourism, to carry out the theme of education, organized village delicacy Culture Festival, concerts, painting and calligraphy exhibition, flowers and other forms of publicity to the orderly conduct of the work of autumn and winter tourism. (author: Zhao Chao)



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