Well lane market operators honest and civilized business proposal

honesty is the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, not only for the way, the foundation treatment is more industry engaged in business activities of the industrial base, the soul. In order to create honest and trustworthy, standardized and orderly consumption environment, build business integrity Xiadu Xining civilized image, for our activities to create a civilized city in our city, we represent the market operating households issued the following initiatives:

, carry forward the "good faith, fair trading, old traditional business virtue, to establish" honest and trustworthy proud to perfidious socialist concept of honor and shame "concept, the starting point is to the heart of oneself" as the initiative, begin from me, from now on, actively participate in "to create a good market order" activities.

two, and consciously safeguard the normal order of market operation, exposing to dominate the market, buy and sell, price gouging, monopoly supply and other illegal acts, fight against counterfeit fraud, false propaganda and other acts of unfair competition. Take the social responsibility, share market development as its responsibility, enthusiastic public welfare undertakings.

three, strictly abide by the laws and regulations of the state. Make lunches and demonstration of the rule of law, law, justice and benefit both; scale accurate code, genuine goods at a fair price, place, and resolutely put an end to hoarding and profiteering price fraud and other illegal behavior.

four, the courage to play, conspiracy market prosperity. Not for greed and conscience with petty profits, consciously resist the fake and shoddy goods, do not fake and shoddy, and consciously accept the supervision of the public opinion and the vast number of consumers.

five, strengthen food safety awareness, responsible for the safety of consumers. Food safety concerns you and me. Each of us is the victim of toxic and harmful food, consciously abide by the food safety law, strict food safety quality should be our bounden duty. Do not produce, do not operate toxic, harmful, expired, spoiled food, so that the broad masses of the people dare to consume, rest assured consumption.

business is not fine, honest is Xing; shop is not large, trustworthy name. Let us join hands to establish honesty and morality, and create a social atmosphere of old, firmly cast the Amity and harmony foundation, contribute our wisdom and strength for the construction of civilized, healthy and harmonious new Xining.

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