The first national entrepreneurship innovation competition Qinghai Division

10 the afternoon of 14 March, the first national contest sponsored by the Association for science and technology innovation for the (Qinghai Division) started in Xining, Asia silicon industry (Qinghai) Co., Ltd., Qinghai Technical Advisory Services Limited, Qinghai province science and Technology Information Institute of the 4 participating units in the race.

According to the association of

Chinese Innovation Service Center "held on the first national innovation method contest notice" requirement, after the initial publicity and business online registration, Qinghai Division has a total of 6 entries of 4 units through the audit, the entries relating to the field of industry, agriculture and medicine.

in the day of the game, the participating units through the work of PPT display and presentation, showing the application of innovative methods in the process of physical, model, virtual simulation, design drawings, video materials, etc.. According to the Provincial Association for science and society minister Yu Ningqing introduction, the game focuses on the innovative methods of participating enterprises creative works, the application of basic theory innovation difficulty and innovation level and application level of innovative methods and application level, application effect and social economic benefits, intellectual property rights and made the situation display and defense level.


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