Sunrise after election day: What did Twitter have to say?

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest If you are reading this, it is likely that the sun has risen this day after the 2016 election.Surprise, victory, defeat, anger, joy, shock — no matter what you are feeling on this post-election day it was most likely expressed on Twitter in the last 24 hours with regard to the election.Humor was not hard to find.MrIrishDude‏@MrIrishDudePoor Canada, their gonna be filled with a bunch of Americans #ElectionNight #RIPCanada The evening started off with plenty of Twitter posts about the expected voting outcome and a short night for news anchors — or so they thought. Many expressed surprise, though, as the map of electoral votes turned decidedly red.Cause We’re America‏@CW_AmericaTurns out jobs were more important to Ohio than Jay Z and Beyonce.As the surprise of a Donald Trump favored election began to settle in, so did the voices of rural Americans on social media. The thoughts of “Did we overlook the rural America vote?” echoed across the spans of network analysts. The agricultural audience issued responses of “We’ve been here, where have you been?”Baffled panels of political analysts stumbled and stammered as the result of the Presidential election began to gain clarity. They simply could not understand how the pre-election predictions could be so incorrect.Twitter was also abuzz with news of plunging markets. Why was it happening and how much will it drop? Some grain traders also commented on the market reactions, noting the shock of traders.     No matter how you feel, the fact that the election is over (except for who knows how many recounts) is reason to celebrate. The sun is up and it is time for America to move forward.last_img

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