Xining City organs half past four project to the public without worries

every day at half past four pm, after school, no one to take care of the child, the problem of security has been plagued by the majority of the dual family. Today, with the work of the Municipal Commission launched the half past four project in the successful implementation of some communities, this troubled parents for many years the thorny problem has finally been solved satisfactorily.

west area of Xinning Road West community is a community of more working families, according to the school every day at half past four in the afternoon after school, parents are at work, the children unattended, the community committee in the "help to rural areas, communities, schools and families to care for the next generation of work principle, organization of area teachers and experts, the old model, the old Red Army, the soldiers started the" half past four "project in a timely manner, namely every day by the" old "the children unattended after school to the community, let the children finish the homework in the community, not only effectively ensure the safety of the children after school, parents also solved the menace from the rear let them go to work.

and sunning Road West community, in the "old" enthusiastic participation, the city community, the community finance Xiang Xiang and many other communities have implemented the "half past four project". The old their own years of work experience and sincere love, while obligations as administrator, vigilantes, Internet cafes supervisor in the community, and to promote the school, family and society three-in-one Teenagers Ideological Construction of moral education system and suggestions. It is understood that this year, the city will further promote the half past four project in the city’s in-depth implementation of the community, and two-way care, young and old to build and other activities, to promote community work.


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