With the strict enforcement of pollution control effect

days ago, municipal CPPCC Chairman, municipal committee, Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Secretary Ma Haiying led the Municipal Supervision Bureau, municipal supervision office, city assessment office, air office and other departments responsible person, supervise the comprehensive pollution control work in our city. Ma Haiying stressed that the comprehensive management of air pollution in our city, after nearly two years of unremitting efforts, continue to improve air quality, air quality in Xining since 2015, 2 consecutive months ranked northwest first, governance work has achieved remarkable results. Achievements are not easily won, hold more difficult, governments at all levels and departments should take the implementation of the new environmental law as an opportunity to the most stringent enforcement measures, and consolidate the pollution performance, for the new pollution control effect, to prevent sticking of each pollution source, can not reduce pollution standards. Cadres at all levels should take the responsibility in pollution control, dare to play, but also the masses of a clear blue sky and white clouds in Xining. Datong
Ma Haiying in Qinghai bridge aluminum Co., Ltd. and big pressure on the small thermal power project construction progress that bridge aluminum nitrogen oxide emission reduction project is a key project in the city of 2015 energy-saving emission reduction projects, and supervision of the provincial government, enterprises and local governments should attach great importance to strengthen the leadership. To strengthen the responsibility to take inverted schedule, focusing on supervision and other measures to resolutely ensure that the 5 sets of 125 kilowatts of thermal power units before the end of November production capacity eliminated updated target.
check, Ma Haiying line to Xining Yin Jia Zhuang village at the junction of the three and mutual assistance, see the individual small coal mines, small production enterprises because of environmental protection facilities are not complete, from the junction of the relative lack of "hiding" to the management of the individual is a muck car stealing garbage here. Into one of the small coal yard, where not only the road is covered with black coal cinder, and even the small coal heap is also stacked in the open without any cover. According to the environmental pollution problem, the city at the junction of Ma Haiying, the city’s environmental protection departments should actively and Haidong Municipal Environmental Protection Department of defense linkage governance, eliminate the "three no" zone, the implementation of one tube, can not let the junction become the enterprise from the environmental responsibility of the "safe harbor". Municipal Economic commission;

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