The maintenance of security and environment to ensure the health outcomes of last night police raid

in May 13th 20, Xining City Public Security Bureau police, Xining City Public Security Bureau police detachment of a line of more than and 50 people in the rain raided the train station and bus station in the vicinity of the people and the mutual Lane Road, check 24 hotels, rental housing 78, arrested on suspicion of drug addicts 1, shampooing 2.

for people Lane: mobile staff no temporary residence permit

13 on the 20, the task we have clear, now began to act!" With the East Branch of Public Security Bureau Xiao Long more than and 50 police order, three Bingfen Road, were raided for Min Xiang streetwalkers, live personnel problems, rental housing problems. The police raided found people Lane roadway rental housing more perplexing, because of low rent, it became a gathering place of floating population. The train station police station to check for the people on the north side of a deep lane rental housing, a Gansu born temporary staff said: "I have lived here for 7 years, my sewing machine was also stolen a few days ago, here is too messy, should check."

"rental housing tenants are generally foreign personnel, most of them did not apply for temporary residence permits, which may have a fugitive. Through the temporary residence permits, can greatly improve the efficiency of our work." City Public Security Bureau deputy director Xia said. The action, the police will urge people who do not have temporary residence permit procedures.

reporter in the lane for a hotel to see, the police are checking whether the hotel’s resident population registration equipment is running well. It is understood that for all people in the hotel Xiang have implemented the housing registration system for registration is completed, by the operator through the computer or fax send information to the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau, by this means can be on the number of floating population, there is a detailed understanding, help maintain social stability. The owner of the hotel said: "in March, because there is no check-in, I was fined, I will not make the same mistake again." At the same time, he showed the police record of the registration of the situation.

mutual West Road: found a suspected drug addicts, shampoo sister two

13, when the train station police station, a line of 7 people driving a police car, check the West Road shampoo room 21. Just when the police were ready to leave, a pull the sound of the sound of the door to let the police alert, fast, go there to open, there are problems." 7 police quickly surrounded by a shadow of the pull gate, let him open the shutter. Police in the dimly lit room did not find abnormal, but found a locked door inside the house. "Open the door!" The police snapped. "That’s someone’s door. I don’t have a key." Shadow response. The police locked the door allowing no explanation, kick open. In the back room and toilet, the police found two shampooing and a man, and let the police have more surprise, another door in the room next door to the restaurant and was even in;

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