Xining law society was established yesterday

March 24th, the establishment of the Xining law society and the first member of the general assembly, the election of the party secretary, political and Law Committee Secretary Su Rong as the first chairman of the council. Xining law society is the first society of our province, state law, its establishment is an important work in the construction of rule of law in Xining, also marks the province’s local law society construction has taken a substantial step. Shao Yun, executive vice president and Secretary General of the provincial law society attended the meeting.
it to do the work of law in the current and future periods, Su Rong requirements, strengthen legal work sense of responsibility and mission, to explore the innovation of theoretical research work in our city law, give full play to the guiding role of legal publicity, give full play to the role of training platform law research team, play an assistant role for the Party committee and the government. The law will further strengthen self construction, adhere to the correct political orientation, strengthen the construction of team members, strengthen cooperation and exchanges, establish a sound working mechanism, research management system, the establishment of cooperation mechanism, establish a platform to attract mechanism, constantly enhance the law society’s appeal, influence and cohesion. Of one heart and one mind, pragmatic innovation, and make greater contributions to the new situation for pioneering research and law, I will work.

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