Environmental protection at night 6 companies to check the exhaust emissions are not compliance rect

to ensure that the "two" during the night of September 27th, environmental safety, Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau environmental monitoring personnel rushed to the four Bingfen Road, Datong Beichuan Industrial Zone, Dongchuan Industrial Park, industrial park, biological park, Gan River Industrial Park and on Nanchuan Xinzhuang area, the city’s 28 sewage heavy industrial enterprises to carry out spot checks, including 6 enterprises emissions standards, shall be ordered to rectification.

the night raids, focusing on the inspection of 28 key industrial enterprises, the operation of waste gas, waste water treatment facilities, emissions of pollutants, automatic monitoring of pollution sources operating ledger, records, etc.. After the on-site inspection, 19 industrial enterprises pollution treatment facilities operate normally, pollutant discharge standards, but there are 6 companies pollution problems. Among them, the Dongchuan Industrial Park capxon Electronic Technology (Qinghai) Co. kangaroo hose untreated industrial effluent discharged without authorization; Datong Beichuan industrial zone of Qinghai Yihua Chemical Industry Co., ltd.zongpai mouth wastewater pH value exceed the standard emission; Dongchuan Industrial Park Qinghai Ruihe aluminum foil limited wastewater pH value exceed the standard discharge; Qilian Mountains India Cements Limited two shutdowns one phase of the project, the kiln dust removal facilities in poor operating results, have exceed the standard discharge phenomenon; Qinghai xuezhou Sanrong group fur market project of sewage treatment facilities are debugging, it is still unable to achieve a stable discharge standards; Qinghai Yuntianhua International Chemical Co. Ltd. sewage treatment facilities inspection in normal operation, but the recent online query monitoring data show that the sewage waste water treatment station is not to exceed the standard discharge phenomenon, stable discharge, in addition Facility operation record book is not perfect. (author: Rong Lijun)


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