Delegation to Shandong to promote tourism in Xining

for the implementation of the national "The Belt and Road" development strategy and reform of the city’s tourism development conference spirit, to build Xining into the Western Economic Zone, international tourism city center area tourism Chinese West and Qinghai Tibet plateau tourism service base, continuing to enhance the "Xia Douxi Ning" reputation and influence, the Xining Municipal Bureau of Tourism Organization of the County Tourism Bureau, travel agency, tourist shopping and other 25 people into the Shandong, Xining propaganda.

the morning of March 3rd, held a "great beauty Qinghai summer Xining into Shandong (Ji’nan)" promotion, mainly introduced conventional tourism products, travel routes, driving car investment projects. More than 300 travel agencies in Shandong, more than 30 key tourist attractions, hotels, electricity providers to participate in the promotion. In the promotion conference issued Xining tourism promotional materials million copies, playing "all the way to the west" the free swimming "Promo and micro film" love summer ", and held a raffle. Promotion meeting, the city travel agency and the Shandong travel service for business negotiations, signed a letter of intent to cooperate more than 500 copies. The day of the establishment of the Xining Municipal Bureau of tourism office in Ji’nan, and listed on the Ji’nan city tourism center, Xining Tourism Publicity Office is not only the window, but also show the comprehensive window of Xining culture, humanities, trade etc..

after the meeting, Xining City Tourism Association and the Ji’nan Tourism Association held a forum, some problems and obstacles in the existing enterprise cooperation talks and reached consensus, signed the "tourism cooperation agreement", advocating the two city mutual tourism output and destination, for sending tourists every year the number of progressive increase.


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