Only eight players have not been injured at Cholo this 2019-20

first_imgBecause Saul, Oblak and Felipe are the first, second and fourth most used men by Simeone this season, with 2,760, 2,706 and 2,221 minutes. The third is Thomas who could belong to the group of ‘miracles’ if it had not been for slight muscle discomfort that made him miss the game in Anoeta on the 4th day (2,289′). Correa, meanwhile, is the tenth footballer who has played the most, 1,637 ‘. The rest of the list, however, are unusual: Adam (144 ‘), Beautiful (1,341’), Llorente (601 ‘) and Saponjic (62’), among all (2,148 ‘) do not add up to the total minutes of Felipe and Thomas. Koke’s lack of seven games has turned out that Atlético has only been able to win two games without him (to Betis and Levane), with four defeats and one draw, the data once again corroborates why he always plays, because Atlético sin Koke sinks, loses course: the only elimination of Simeone in the group stage of the Champions League also He arrived with Koke injured. The short staff of 23 players with the incorporation of Carrasco in this winter market, but two of them without counting until the losses have forced (Vrsaljko and Saponjic), so that field players are 18, against Granada only twelve available for Cholo. Again the injuries squeeze Simeone in January. Since December they have rampaged. Ten are (20 since the season began in August). The last two in Madrid-Atlético, Herrera before the game and Morata during. For the game of the weekend against Granada, there are eight plus one, because to the injured there is a penalty, Felipe, who saw the fifth yellow in the derby. In fact Felipe is one of the eight miracle men this season for Cholo: because yes, hThere are eight players from the rojiblanca team who have not been injured. Nothing. Not a muscle ache, although it seems incredible, science fiction. Oblak, Adam, Beautiful, Saul, Llorente, Saponjic, Correa and Felipe himself (That in Portugal, by the way, was never injured, and that is a factor that from now on Andrea Berta should study a lot in the future ones). That is, of the eight three undisputed headlines and another almost. last_img

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