Enjoy public culture Xining four self help library opened in the year

it covers an area of ten square meters, unattended, can provide readers with the convenience of 24 hours to borrow books. By the end of 2013, it will be four points in the provincial capital, to allow the public to enjoy public culture at any time. It is the Xining library will be launched during the year 24 hours block self-help library. The 24 – hour block self-help library system is a kind of intelligent, self-help and convenient system based on Library Service system. Through this self-service library system, the public can enjoy self-service, self-service, self inquiry, self-help books, self-help books library services.

according to the Xining Municipal Library responsible person, self-help library system is beyond the limit of the library building function, effectively improve the utilization of literature resources in public library service rate, expand the extension of the library, to better reflect the services of the public library is near, self-service, interactive and convenient, effectively promoting the nationwide reading.

Four self-service library

years into our province, is the government as one of tangible things, will be placed in the provincial capital of the central square, summer cultural square, limeng commercial pedestrian street, kylin Bay park. Each self-service library can not only provide readers with 500 volumes of books, but also through the retrieval system, the reader can borrow the books collected in Xining library. Self service library put into operation, will be based on the needs of readers, real-time supplement books to achieve orderly distribution.

self-help library card how to handle it? Xining city library staff said that as long as the public in the corresponding position of the self-help library brush on behalf of the two generation ID card, leaving their own information, pay a deposit of $100 or $200, you can handle the loan. When you want to borrow books, enter the corresponding number of books borrowed books, self-help library received instructions, the robot will find the corresponding books from the export sent. The book of books, if in the normal damage range, through the self-service library can handle the returned books; if the books seriously damaged, chip can not identify the reader and Library Remote Monitoring Service Center staff contact book.

at present, the Xining library collection and selection of the work of the library is nearing completion, four self-service library is the stage of equipment debugging, the year can serve the public. (author: Yao Lan)

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