Eid al Fitr City Education Bureau leaders visit condolences to the education system Muslim workers

August 30th, in the Muslim Eid al Fitr Festival, the Xining Municipal Bureau of education Party committee in three groups to the educational system of Muslim staff condolences

8, 30, in the Muslim Eid al Fitr Festival, the Xining Municipal Bureau of education, the Party committee of the group to the educational system of Muslim staff home condolences in.

in sympathy, the city Bureau of education bureau Party committee of the responsible person on behalf of the city’s education system the majority of Muslim staff to extend holiday greetings to everyone for their hard work in the education teaching, made for the development of education in the city thanks to the contributions of. And stressed that in recent years Xining has made considerable progress in the reform and development of education, school conditions are greatly improved, significantly improve the quality of education and teaching, the emphasis on education of minority nationalities is greatly improved, these achievements on the one hand is the embodiment of the party and the government concerned with education, as education, implementing the strategy of rejuvenating the country through science and education; the other also with the vast number of educators, especially Muslim staff work inseparable. At present, Xining education is facing opportunities for development of the innovation and development of hitherto unknown, hope you make persistent efforts, to boldly work, in order to promote the development of Xining ethnic education, in order to make new contributions to the education of people’s satisfaction.



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