Chaoyang logistics park was named 2013 national excellent logistics park

long ago by China Federation of logistics and purchasing, organized by the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Commerce and other ministries to participate in the "2013 national logistics park work conference, Qinghai Chaoyang logistics park was named 2013 national excellent logistics park", ranking fifteenth outstanding national park.

Qinghai Chaoyang logistics park is located in the North District of Xining City, the planning area of about 2 square kilometers, the park began construction in 2005, the provincial government attaches great importance to, at present, the first phase of construction tasks completed, logistics efficiency gathered gradually, become covered Qinghai Tibet region with medicine, Department stores, chemical, steel, wood construction and decoration materials, such as the logistics center, the basic form of a professional market, production data storage and transportation, railway transportation, life and other three major functions, responsible for the province’s 90% steel and wood production and 80% medicine, food and other living materials turnover task, our province is currently the largest gathering of logistics ground.

park has built "rail transport logistics center, Chaoyang electromechanical integrated logistics market", "Chaoyang International Building Materials mall", "railway logistics center", "Qinghai is a beautiful city Home Furnishing home building materials logistics" and a number of large-scale logistics project. (turn to the Third Edition) (on the first edition) attracted nearly 3000 logistics enterprises and merchants settled in the park, providing a total of tens of thousands of jobs for the community, the new and expanded nearly 9 km of the road to the 7. Park completed a total investment of 3 billion yuan. The park achieved 6 million tons of cargo throughput, an increase of more than 5 times before the construction, the annual operating income exceeded $5 billion, an increase of more than 4 times before construction. The construction of the park to promote the logistics enterprise complement and competition, to achieve the optimal allocation of social resources, enterprises sharing infrastructure, comprehensive services and preferential policies to reduce the cost of logistics operations, which accounted for more than 90% of the province’s share of the cost of steel logistics park construction is reduced by 25%. It is reported that the selection of activities is the first time in the country to carry out the most authoritative, professional and targeted Logistics Park selection activities. A total of 754 logistics park in the country to participate in the selection, the final logistics park in the end of the 22. (author: Yuan Yuhong)

editor: Qinghai Chaoyang logistics park after several years of construction, logistics facilities, logistics operation intensification degree, logistics project space layout rationalization degree, and the attraction of logistics enterprises and related organizations have been significantly improved, the park and the surrounding environment to further improve, a modern logistics park has been basically formed. Now, it ranks among the national excellent logistics park ranks, which not only laid a solid foundation for the rapid development of the park, but also to explore new mode of logistics park economy owes the developed area, is a model of government led development of the logistics park, has set a benchmark for the development and construction of Logistics Park in our province.

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