Motom men joined with what kind of conditions

for Motom men to join the project choice, has always been a very hot market. Simple way to join, a good choice for successful entrepreneurship. Join the Motom men? Not only has a high popularity, but the market is also very good business opportunities! Join Motom men, what are you waiting for?

Motom menswear store business by vertical integration mode, set the brand promotion, R & D, production and sales, men’s trousers, jackets and other clothing products Motom brand. The strategic direction of development Motom menswear store has always focused on high-end business casual men to men’s trousers as the core, men have committed to high cost Seiko fashion, to meet the different needs of consumers wear on different occasions.

, a Motom menswear store franchise

1, have a certain financial strength, with strong will to develop;

2, brand awareness;

3, the men’s clothing brand has a strong interest in development.

The value of

two, Motom menswear store brand

1, in the exclusive access to the exclusive rights to their own social relations in the local brand effect;

2, 50% of the gross profit margin, return on investment can reach up to 30%.

three, Motom menswear store to join

1, store location to be in the core position (approved by the company);

2, shop area requirements: more than 80 square meters, door width of 8 meters;

3, just prepare the first payment and liquidity;

4, join margin: 30 thousand yuan;

5, new store for the first time purchase requirements: 250 thousand yuan in spring and summer, autumn and winter, $300 thousand.

four, Motom menswear store join advantage:

1, Motom provide the perfect investment risk management system and professional personnel training return analysis;

2, Motom investment guarantee franchisees in the designated area enjoy exclusive sales rights, avoiding the improper competition;

3, Motom provide professional logistics and sales data analysis.

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