How to invest in fried rice to get big profits The whole

is now the development of the restaurant is a lot of entrepreneurs targeting new business opportunities, most people love to eat fried rice, fried rice, affordable, good taste, let a lot of chowhound constantly praise.

chef Dai Long: why I can sell five thousand and one hundred copies of

fried rice

why is anyone willing to spend 5000 yuan to buy a plate of fried rice?

a lot of friends of my curiosity about the source: "Why are the same chef, also do fried rice, why people are willing to spend $5000 to my fried rice, but not you, his"? The first is to do fried rice I pour into all my love, my self has as a craftsman, I enjoy it, only one person of love in order to make a good product; secondly, I am a very picky, said it is the choice of fried rice, rice imported rice, rice washing water is France’s spring, with the morning just copied the egg to fry, the French spring does not want to highlight this bowl of Fried rice with egg how noble, but because the French and American rice spring is the most collocation, and on the morning just lay egg as raw material, raw material is in order to ensure the absolute Fresh; and then finished the dishes to serve the time before the meal are accurately calculated, in order to ensure that customers can enjoy the fried rice fried eggs.

the key is the place where I developed an exclusive condiment in cooking added; said diners eat, dim, but you need to know in order to do a dish of fried rice I spent much time in the movie "God of cookery" after the broadcast, many stars have also come to his film for guest but I refused, I was a cook, cooking is my life the most happy thing.

two, why many chefs "coming out of


1, do not go to heritage, random restructuring

reform and opening up to now it can be said that the Chinese people just out of food and clothing on a well-off life, the choice of food in the country is not enough attention, not nutrition. This is because many of our chefs have failed to follow some of the principles of cooking, can not understand the essence of cooking, indiscriminate production and restructuring.

Chinese traditional food culture for thousands of years, the origin is very deep. In the early period of Confucius, Shandong has been standardized and inheritance up to now. There are other eight cuisine, local flavor; some must continue and inheritance, some dishes can be improved, but also should follow the principle of improved food collocation, nutrition, materials, spices and other compatible grams, study research produced.

2, cook is not only to practice cooking, but also should have their own cooking ideas

cook, not only >

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