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in recent years, the dry cleaning industry is very fast, a lot of people in the business when also want to choose this industry, dry cleaners in the market nowadays is a hot demand, for many people, for convenience, will put his dirty clothes to the cleaners to wash. Many entrepreneurs see this market, would like to open a dry cleaners, want to bring good development. Here to give you an introduction, how to open a dry cleaning shop location.

dry cleaners if investors want to amount to win, you can choose the location of schools, hotels, projects, because these areas often have a large number of people who wash clothes. In particular, the factory workers, the work of a large amount of labor, physical exertion, usually no extra time laundry, if the price of the dry cleaners to allow workers to accept, I believe they are willing to spend some money to wash clothes. In the factory near the dry cleaners, be sure to pay attention to the positioning of the price, the price is low, you can be small profits but quick turnover, in order to win the volume, small dry cleaners profit is also very impressive.

if investors operate ordinary small dry cleaners, you can open a dry cleaners near the district. Because of the low rent near the dry cleaners, dry cleaners low investment risk. With the improvement of people’s life, people’s life pressure, work tired, after work rather than go away to find dry cleaners, and in the area near the cleaners have obvious advantages, time saving, convenient residential consumption.

dry cleaners can also be opened in office buildings, administrative units near. This population is relatively concentrated, a higher salary level, pay more attention to clothes, are generally high-end clothing, compared with the price they pay more attention to washing, dry cleaning and washing effect of visibility, so if in the vicinity of cleaners, more suitable for a high-grade dry cleaners, dry cleaning of large profits shop or flagship store.

dry cleaning shop choose to deal with these places, can also choose large shopping malls near here, all traffic, consumer groups can be started more, the visibility of the shop, but the shop rents higher, and competitors may be large, the risk is greater, the best investors have to join a dry cleaning shop well-known brand chain.

in the entrepreneurial time to choose a market demand for the project in order to make the business easier after the start of the dry cleaners, in the location problem, there is a lot of attention. The above content is about how to start the dry cleaners in detail, I hope you can seriously consider our problems, bring good development.

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