Grasp the content of entrepreneurship to open a small restaurant no problem

as long as people need to eat, then the restaurant will always have the value of existence, so do not eat food and beverage business behind. For a lot of money on hand is not well-off investors, venture to open a small restaurant good. So how to open a small restaurant? You know how to do that.

through the above criteria, determining the place of business, project, scale, in order to clear the favorable and unfavorable aspects of their competitiveness, do well, really understand the competitive environment determines the profit or loss.

The basic requirements of

1. focus on quality, refers to food quality, service quality, environmental quality

2. coordination, such as fish hot pot shop, it is necessary to fish or a kind of fish based, it is necessary to focus on the fish hot pot, do a good job of service, improve the environment, and highlight its characteristics. This is critical, customers eat, not only to eat and drink, but also the kind of environment.

3. business to ensure long-term plan, small restaurants, competitive, 2 – 3 years of good times, adaptability, competitive.

4. if after investigation found that their strength is small, poor competitiveness, it is necessary to avoid competition, which is a better way of development. For example, in the absence of a restaurant in the location of the shop, or in addition to you, others can not rent a shop.

difference performance: location; time (morning, noon, afternoon, midnight); project management (Hot pot, Boiled dumplings.

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