How much money to join the South North powder

pasta now join the choice of the project, has been very business opportunities, with popular choice. How about South flour? Worthy of trust! Moreover, the south of the North came out, or very popular, with the choice of business opportunities! Join the North South powder? What are you hesitating about?

South flour to join the north to how much money? Now, the company has successy developed a sound project development system, a mature market development and shop building operation service system. More than 60 professional management personnel, senior technical personnel in the industry. The international premium dining management division Mr. Chen Runlin as the company CEO; at the same time, distinguished Dean, the only southwest Chongqing. The earliest special pastry Master Mr. He Yuzhu as the project consultant; enjoy the "Sichuan snack house" of the family, He Yuzhu closed the master son Mr. Qiao Guangjie personally served as technical director. The company has also set up a market development center, logistics and distribution management center, product development center, store operations service management center, direct management center, and other functional departments. Strong team of experts and excellent service team has laid a good position in the company’s industry.

South North powder to join much? Based an unprecedented success in the first company in the summary of Chinese style fast food fast successful development experience in the Chinese style fast-food business on the introduction of fast food franchise in the most advanced, followed by scientific management, standardized production system, the characteristics of fast food chains Chinese most investment value with the fastest speed to become the development. With less investment, quick effect, low risk, high return franchise concept, to provide a comprehensive guide to the franchise investment guidance services, the most perfect and powerful shop support and the most standardized and effective operational guidance. "Transfer, sharing of successful brands, classical delicacy achievements of the cause of you and me" is always the goal of the first person.

South flour to join the north how much money to have a solid foundation of the company’s first pay special attention to product innovation, constantly beyond. According to the people’s eating habits between North and south, organized a group of experts in nutrition and dietary experts of traditional folk delicacy from the recipe to the taste, from products to nutrition, from the dining environment to shape the culture were studied with the range of integrated, so as to determine the "Shoujia company – South North powder" fast health, nutrition, fashion, comfortable, delicious management style. The processing of the production of a variety of standardized features 80 products have been favored by the vast number of consumers, consumers have been hailed as the most innovative representative of Chinese fast food. The company has 6 outlets, more than 200 stores. Each store has successy used the QSC system model.

South North powder to join how much money? The company has always adhered to "create quality, brand share, common development and achieve win-win" business philosophy in the development, and constantly improve the enterprise image, and strive to build the core competitiveness of products, so that each franchisee can.

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