Free nternet business guide on this Saturday’s Nanjing home

this year is known as China’s creation of the opening of the year, many young people began their entrepreneurial dream. You still want to start but have no knack of the situation? Nanjing entrepreneurship salon for interested entrepreneurs ariadne.

to follow masters to learn to use the Internet business? On Friday, the Nanjing family inn launched a free business salon activities, interested friends can quickly register.

It is reported that the

, entrepreneurial salon theme of how the Internet traffic into consumption ", aims to explore the Internet profit model, especially how the virtual traffic into real income". Activity time is December 18, 2015 (Friday) 18:00 – 20:00; venue in the Qinhuai District of Xinjiekou Zhongshan South Road, Lane 1 building B598 edinburgh. In addition, the Nanjing family inn also invited a small class coffee CEO Xu Jun served as the keynote speaker of the entrepreneurial salon. Xu Jun was the co-founder, copper pea friend said network technology CEO technology, Internet has many years of experience, is committed to using "Internet plus" for the retail industry transformation.

interested, quickly enroll! Registration phone: money teacher: 13337729695, 025-84501727; Zhou teacher: 025-85361082.

Free commonweal salon, entrepreneurs to guide a smooth road ahead, help confused entrepreneurs to correct positioning of their own learning, due to the business model of Internet era. Illuminate the future with dreams.

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