Born still no nternet thinking is still a hot business

in the era of going out to buy,   native sea fishing can still survive and popularity has been high. What is the reason for supporting Haidilao survive in the Internet plus age?

traditional catering and the Internet combined with the "bromance" play

The rapid development of the popularity of


A, the mobile terminal customers through sea fishing APP, WeChat, Alipay, Baidu direct number ordering. First, at the bottom of the sea fishing APP home customers can easily understand the nearby stores, and by looking at the store panorama, advance understanding of the dining environment. After the selection of the store customers can manually enter or voice ordering (only in the ordering page to specify the time of ordering, the number of basic information).

When the

page shows the reservation is successful, the customer can directly obtain the route in advance, if placed in cold dishes, whether need through video viewing baby play, a small meal preference feeding table, near a window, in the non-smoking area and so on personalized service.

three, to store the connection WiFi sea fishing, I will choose to enter the online store mini site ordering, or open the Bluetooth mobile phone into WeChat "shake", select "peripheral" shake, click the icon to enter the store mini website online meal ordering page.

In addition to

, not set to the meal of the customer, provides online Paihao function of sea fishing, the customer can see the current real-time stores arranging status by APP, and in the process of arranging in advance ordering. Recommended

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