Dandy Zhang Zhengquan rural shrimp money

if you have a rich family, you will choose to go to the countryside? But shrimp like hard work? I think however many people the answer is no, and the hero is not the case, even though it’s "a playboy", but chose to rural shrimp, but also to earn a high profit return.

Chongqing Hechuan too and Zhen Sha Jin Cun, strange hot weather. The 27 year old Zhang Zhengquan and the workers, are busy catching a fresh shrimp net from the fish pond, and then loaded on the train.

"so hot, I hope not to rain, otherwise, these shrimp will not be shipped out, if the rain is big, and like last time, on the miserable." Zhang Zhengquan looked at some worry day, bean big sweat a string from the face down.

villagers are very strange, the "80" young people, why should put a good day in the city, come here to eat this kind of suffering.

military life, let the dandy changed

is a family in Shapingba, around the eyes of a friend, he is "two rich generation", parents do 30 years of seafood business, life condition is advantageous to let Zhang Zhengquan this life even if it does not work, will be enough to live comfortably, friends often jokingly called him "a son".

2003, father of Zhang Zuoming graduated from high school, Zhang Zhengquan sent to the army, retired shortly after, Zhang Zhengquan suddenly said to his father to find a shrimp farms in Chongqing self. Although the son made Zhang Zuoming both surprised and pleased, but in fact, he is not assured: "he did not eat bitter, I do not worry about him."

months of effort, Zhang Zhengquan finally persuaded the parents, made a special trip to Fujian to study the shrimp light curing technology. In 2011, the parents helped him invested nearly 10 million yuan, Hechuan too and Zhen Sha Jin Cun built to Chongqing proud sea aquaculture Co. ltd..

Zhang Zhengquan circulation of the 260 acres of land, built after the formation of more than 20 ponds. From the coastal air and seawater shrimp pond, and then gradually dilute the feeding place. Currently in Chongqing, using this technology to raise shrimp, only two. Zhang Zhengquan just took a fancy to the market prospects of this industry.

Zhang Zhengquan said, is 3 years of military life reversed him: I can not chew the old life, the future of their own efforts to rely on their own hands."

is not afraid to endure hardship, always afraid of rain

so Zhang Zhengquan came to the remote village of Sargent, rent a house, and began a life before completely different. Every day, he and the migrant workers are hired together, with the

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